Breakfast at Cafe Fanny

It is important to Café Fanny to support local family businesses and serve guests the best products available. Most of the meat and produce served comes from local ranches and farms practicing ecologically sound and sustainable agriculture.


Eggs are served until 11:00am (until 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday), other items any time

Soft-boiled Farm Egg with toast & house-made preserves $5.50

Two Poached Farm Eggs On Levain toast $6.50

Two Poached Farm Eggs with prosciutto di Parma & Levain toast $8.95

Angelo's Poached Eggs with vinegar & oregano on Levain toast $6.50

Cinnamon Toast with house-made preserves $4.25

Levain or Edible School Yard Whole Wheat toast with house-made preserves $3.00

Baguette with organic butter & honey $3.00

Prosciutto di Parma with garlic toast $7.50

Buckwheat Crepes
with hazelnut chocolate spread or house-made preserves $5.50
with fruit & organic yogurt $6.50
with ham & gruyere cheese$7.85

Smoked Salmon, Acme's NY rye bread with cream cheese, pickled onions $9.75

Café Fanny Organic Granola with fruit & Strauss organic yogurt or Clover organic milk $5.75

Seasonal Fruit with Strauss yogurt$4.50

Strauss Organic Yogurt$3.00

Irish Oatmeal with maple syrup & milk  $4.50