Breakfast at Cafe Fanny

Café Fanny Granola Reviews

“Alice Waters makes it, so it’s got to be the best granola.”
-- New York Times

“America’s Best Granola:  Alice Waters adapted her mother’s recipe to make…a granola so good you forget it’s good for you.  Real breakfast lovers will find that a bowl of this granola is the perfect way to start the day” -- Los Angeles Times

“You loved it at the restaurant, now you can have it in your own kitchen…Café Fanny has no more popular item…than granola.  This honey offering of Alice Waters’…café…is house made from all the right ingredients…” -- San Francisco Chronicle

“It may be the crunchiest, most flavorful granola on the market, without the health-food taste or texture…it’s now packaged in a stylish box reminiscent of French posters from the ‘30s.” -- Oakland Tribune